Natalie Malseed   b. 1968 Australia

Fine Artist

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Natalie Malseed is an award winning artist who was raised and lives in Albury, N.S.W. Australia.

Natalie is a multi disciplined artist working both 2 & 3D realms. Currently working mainly in Textiles and Encaustic Arts, often combining the two.

Taking inspiration from the natural world, Natalie produces delicate works playing with shadow and scale. Building a rhythm in repetition, the creative process is an evolving form of self-expression and meditation. Her works are an extension of that quiet peaceful place. 

The conceptual layers in her art address issues of today, as she shares her experiences, love of nature, life’s lessons, story telling and thoughts through her art practice.

Enjoying both the benefit of being a student of the Arts as well as a teacher of her own Art Practices, Natalie attained a Diploma of Visual Arts in 2014.  

Natalie is an Artist in Residence at Art Gallery on Ovens, Wangaratta Victoria and represented by Wrenwood Gallery, Bungowannah, NSW.

2020 Art Challenge 

This year I thought it would be fun to create an Art Challenge, where each month I would set a theme and share  some tips and tricks.

To accompany the challenge I made  hand bound journals and filled some with water colour paper, some with canvas and each has a little original painting on the cover. If you would like to purchase a journal for $24 (postage included), please email me directly or drop into Wrenwood Gallery. 

To join in the fun, please click HERE

Little Bunny Hop

Just in time for Easter;  a gift from me to you. 

An easy little sewing project with a how to, slideshow video.

Bunnies height from the tip of his ear to his toes is 33.5cm.

Please follow these links for your free PDF Files

Happy Easter & Happy Creating                 xN

Sorry all Upcoming Exhibition Dates on hold at this time.

Monday 02/03/2020 - 09/03/2020

The Goods Shed, Church St, Wodonga

The Upstream Small Sculpture Prize is an exhibition & competition that celebrates the beauty and intricacy of small, three-dimensional artworks in any material. The winners of the three prize categories will be decided by a people’s choice vote. Visit the exhibition at the Goods Shed to vote for your favourite sculpture.

Mon 02/03/20 - Fri 06/03/20    3pm-8pm

Sat 07/03/20 - Sun 08/03/20   11am-8pm

Mon 09/03/20   11am-2pm

The winner of the Upstream Small Sculpture Prize will be announced at 7.30pm on Saturday, March 7, 2020 at the Upstream Street Party event at Junction Square.

I'm deighted to have had my Sculpture 'The Talking Troop' selected to be included in this years 'Upstream Small Sculpture Prize'

Work Title: 'The Talking Troop'

Medium   : Found tree stump featuring encaustic dipped Mushroom Textile                      Sculptures with panpastels & hand stitched moss.

Dimensions: H45 x W30 x D30 cm

Sculpture is available for purchase, price on application. 

Artist Statement: 

The talking troop; a group of mushrooms growing close together is called a troop.

Inspired by Ecologist Susan Simrad’s 30 years of study and discovery of how tree communicate, my intention with this work is to keep the conversation going. "The mushroom plays an important role within this eco system, forming a symbiotic relationship which is vital to the growth and survival of trees. As our country regenerates from these horrific fires, the humble mushroom will breakdown logs, stems, and other organic matter to recycle essential nutrients back into the soil. They also help the trees communicate with each other via their underground root systems." This work features 5 textile sculptured mushrooms which have been encased in Encaustic Medium, a mixture of naturally refined beeswax and damar resin. The mushrooms are then fused with panpastel to bring their colour to life and accompanied with hand stitched moss, made with mixed threads and yarns.

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