Natalie Malseed   b. 1968 Australia

Fine Artist


01/03/2017 - 02/04/2017

The Secret Cup,

86a High Street Wodonga, Victoria 3690

Inception was an exhibition which looked at where my love for producing art work came from and the art practices which bring pure joy. Working from the subconscious is a form of meditation, never planning what will happen or where a work might lead. 

Below are some selected works from this exhibition.

Gum Nut and Leaves

Burnt Organza Sculpture


Pierced and Stitched, 300gsm Watercolour Paper


Burnt Organza Sculpture

Goddess of Knowledge

Watercolour and Ink on 300gsm Watercolour Paper


Free machine Sewing on Dissoluble Stabilizer

Goddess of Strength

Watercolour and Ink on 300gsm Watercolour Paper